Thursday, March 8, 2012

interior bedroom and dining room queen elizabeth ship

not just outside it looks magnificent. but in it no less with the following exterior tapilan interior design bedroom and dining room

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

beautiful design hotel bathtub

Bathing can be fun. Moreover, the while soaking in the tub withwarm water and a variety of fragrances in it. When we're stayingin a hotel, the bathroom becomes a place to unwind after a daywe go to sleep or rest.

You know, there are 5 bath that is not easily forgotten, especiallyfor the traveler in the world.
The following order:

Laguna Bungalows, Huvafen Fushi (Maldives)

Afrika House, Bambu Indah (Bali, Indonesia)

Hibiya Suite, The Peninsula Tokyo (Tokyo, Jepang)

Studios, Upper House (Hong Kong)

One Bedroom Villas, The Nam Hai (Hoi An, Vietnam)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Swimming Pool Set Above Fantastik House

Swimming Pool Set Above Fantastik House. SkyPark, Swimming Pool Fantastic Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a hotel in Singapore, the work is exceptional and unique, designed by visionary architect Moshe Safdie.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the world's most expensive hotel, with swimming pools 'SkyPark' shaped boat perched on top of three towers 55 floors, 200 meters above the ground.

The three hotel towers are connected by an acre of garden on the roof offers views of a full circle in the sky singapore featuring the beauty of the park, restaurant and swimming pool.

Like heaven in the sky, SkyPark equipped with beautiful gardens that are home to 250 species of trees and 650 species of plants. A colorful link pool stretches across the three hotel towers, with infinite edge overlooking the city center.

With a length of three times the length of the Olympic pool, swimming pool SkyPark is the world's largest swimming pool.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bathtubs Make Ceramic Lighted Lucedentro

Bathtubs Make Ceramic Lighted Lucedentro. Soaking in hot water in the bathtub trus use candles to create a relaxed atmosphere is cool but also kale hazard (fire). Here's a new way to enjoy the sensation of your bath.
Lucedentro is a specialist company that makes a kind of ceramic tiles but they make are "Glow in the Dark" which means that after some time exposed to it in the dark, the ceramic will be lit.
One of the products are applied to the products they are affixed to a small ceramic bathtub size 1.7 x 1.7 cm and the result when you turn off the lights, the bathtub will light with shades of blue.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Airplane Wing Computer Desk

Airplane Wing Computer Desk

This table is actually made ​​out of an airplane wing, the Gulfstream G5. Initially, the slab design for the English king Theo Paphitis retail. but chunks of it transformed into a unique table. This table is very surprising because it is covered in tempered glass, to believe that the glass is not broken

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